Tell Me Who You're Thinking Of

Week 13

This one is #LyricallyInspired … And I hope you like the song I have associated it with.

Song: Lights by Battle Me And The Forest Rangers –


I see you out there on the wall
Say you'll jump instead of fall
Thinking this is all you are
Sinking ships 'n' shooting stars_
Saying this is who we are

Tell me who you're thinking of
Out there beyond us all
Taking pictures on the wall
With heavy hands and static balls
Saying this is who we are


Titled: Tell Me Who You’re Thinking OF

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  • Lovely!

  • nice

  • Awesome Song'n'Shot! 🙂

  • Thanks- enjoyed that.

  • Twitching in the stale light air
    Light was running in the stare
    Like if hanging on a wall was fair
    Left there, falling
    The empty stare
    But where and what was falling–the empty glass was calling
    Left there in the half filled portion
    But only thinking empty when some gravity was offering
    fall or fly away in leaping
    Cast a long off glance like speeding
    slower now–the ending weeping
    Done there, like a sheep for shearing

  • Awwwww man beautiful.

  • Awwwww man beautiful.

  • Love the light!

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