Slip Away

Sooooo… I figured I should show some more photos.  Or something.  Maybe stay a while here at G+… I miss all of the friends I've made here.  I should definitely dip my toes back in the water.  (LOL!!)


Titled: Slip Away

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  • and a grand return it is 🙂

  • So pleasing to see your photos in The Stream once again.

  • Yes, you should, +Tamara Pruessner​! 🙂
    Lovely capture!

  • Missed your images.

  • <— breaks out the cot and sets it up in the spare room.

    My eyes seem happier for it. 😉

  • You should stay around always. We've missed you, and your imagery too (you more of course 😉 )

  • Dip your whole foot +Tamara Pruessner … we miss you so much we might just drag you in…. only for a bit!! 🙂 

  • Well, I hope so, +Mark Rodriguez!  LOL!  I love this shot!  😉

    +Kyle Wilson, thank you!  😀

    +Gernot Glaeser, oh thank you!  😀

    +Eric Geissinger, that is very nice of you!  😀

    LOL, +Gary Munroe!! Are you setting up shop here in my house or are you leaving the cot for me to sleep in at yours?  LOL!!

    +Blake Zimmerman, that is very nice of you to say!  😀  Thank you!

    +Ricardo Williams, we shall see… I did get a new lens for Christmas that I need to thoroughly play with… LOL!

  • Welcome back.

  • +Tamara Pruessner – Either way… your portfolio is probably lacking in photos of people skating on ice so you may need to explore. 🙂

  • Always great to see you here, +Tamara Pruessner !!  I've been growing away from Gplus lately, truth be known.  But I still check in occasionally.

  • You seems disenchanted with G+ +Tamara Pruessner . I find that when I engage with more peoples posts, they see more of my posts and the interaction grows.

    If I just make posts, and don't engage other posts, especially those who follow me,  less of my stuff gets seen.

    I presume it's built into the algorithm that determines who sees what in the feed. The feed is filtered.

  • Psst hey +Jim Harrington , she's been gone for a while, she's come back. No need to bring up stuff from before, lets just welcome her awesomeness back 😉

  • Welcome back and great to see you dipping a toe in again.  great image!

  • Hi +Nigel King! Thank you!

    +Gary Munroe, well… I don't think I will get those, at least not this year.  LOL!  There's a lack of water… and cold weather… sooo, yeah, no ice skating here.  Though there is an ice skating rink at the mall in the town over… hmmm.  LOL!!

    Hi there, +Patrick Kelly!  Good to see you!!  I was checking in every once and a while – mostly plussing other people's posts or leaving a comment here or there.  Not really posting my own stuff at all here.  

    +Jim Harrington… it seems like you are trying to pick a fight?  What's the deal-io, dude?  You have hit 3 of my posts with this stuff…  I haven't been around, posting my stuff here, in a while.  But as I was saying to Pat, I have been plussing and commenting every so often when I made it back over to G+.

    Thanks, +Blake Zimmerman, I appreciate that.  🙂  

    Hi +Shelly Gunderson!!  How are you?!  And thank you!

  • And thank you, +Jim Smith!

  • Yes you should! Good to see your beautiful photos again my friend! 🙂

  • +Tamara Pruessner – There's skating on the canal here, FYI… 🙂

  • Beautiful "toe-dipping" shot:)

  • welcome back…. this water is inviting…

  • Busy but good, thanks.  You?

  • Ooh…Purdy…

    Yeah, I've missed me too. But I did notice your return. that's kinda big…

  • Happy birthday +Tamara Pruessner​. All the best wishes. Have a great day 🎂🌹

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