Did I get your attention??  I hope so!! (I am also notifying people because, dangit, G+ seems to have me on some sort of blacklist.. guess I should stop by here more.)

I am running a contest for a free 11×14 print of mine (winner's choice!).  Here is the link for it:

It is over at Instagram and you do need to be a member over there.  Please check it out!  Would love to see you there!!


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  • Thank you, +Rhonda Richardson!

  • I was wondering where you've been haha. Was looking over  your profile today in fact. 
    I'll have to check it out, despite me not liking instagram 😛

  • done 🙂

  • +Blake Zimmerman…. I just have been kind of swamped over here and I haven't, to my dismay, been shooting much.  Though, I am slowly making that change.  LOL!  

    Thank you for at least checking it out…even though you don't like Instagram.  LOL!  😉

  • +Isabelle Fortin… I saw you!!!  😉  LOL!

  • +Tamara Pruessner I'm not on instagram but my son is, so I sent him the link to have him enter.  Miss seeing you here! Great photo, and I can attest that Tam's prints look great as I have a couple I have bought from her hanging in my house. 

  • +Beth Akerman!!!  How are you??  😀  

    Oh thank you!  And I really appreciate ALL of the compliments!  Don't let him forget to comment and maybe tag a couple of friends.

  • Will do +Tamara Pruessner and great now that I am an empty nester with Erik at Wittenberg. 

  • Done! And I read all the rules! 😀
    Silly G+…. Hope things settle down for you soon.

  • +Tamara Pruessner Erik commented and tagged a few friends.  He's jup_i_ter on Instagram. 

  • +Beth Akerman… empty nester?  How are you liking that?  (I will check Instagram in just a bit… and thank you!)

    +Pam Boling.. Ya, G+ is…silly.  😉  And thank you!

  • Awesome

  • Loving it +Tamara Pruessner Although I see him frequently as he's only 40 miles away.  

  • Thanks, +Jim Smith!

    +Beth Akerman, oh ok, then that isn't so bad at all.  And that is awesome that you are loving it!

  • +Tamara Pruessner – Fine.. You MADE me go to instagram for the first time in a long time! 🙂

  • Beautiful image!  You do have to be a member to enter which I am not at the moment.  Enjoyed seeing the image.  Good to see you around.

  • +Gary Munroe, LMAO!!  Yeah…'made' you.  😉

    +Shelly Gunderson, thank you so much!  And I do understand.  Good to see you too!

  • +Tamara Pruessner – I'm easily influenced. 

  • Lovely shot +Tamara Pruessner !!

  • Gorgeous! I am on Instagram, but not as often. I like the interaction I get with photographers here. I will definitely follow you there.

  • I'm not on IG, so I guess I'll have to skip this one… Are you planning to revive the Death Match anytime soon?

  • I'm not a member either, thanks for sharing your image. I love the colors. Best of luck.

  • LOL, +Gary Munroe!

    +Steve Crowley, thank you so much!

    +Trudy Grossman, thank you!  🙂

    +Shannon Adelson, honestly… I don't know as of right now.  Things are so hectic around here…

    +Brooke Farrington, thank you!  😀

  • " guess I should stop by here more
    I agree. 
    I am not on the Instagram but maybe I will for this contest. 

  • +Tamara Pruessner ah so that's where you've got to. I don't post on instagram except links to blog posts, don't like it much.

    I guess if you're not here much any more and the theme floral Friday is not actively curated any longer I should probably remove it from the calendar. It was only on in a limited capacity recently, but I hadn't seen responses for a long time and no shares to the page.
    Take care, have fun and all the best, Tamara.

  • +Kyle Wilson yea yea I know I should. Life has just been hectic since our move.

  • +Ellie Kennard ummmm. Ok. If that's what you think. Please remember that NONE of the curators get paid. It is volunteer-basis and when we have free time. Floral Friday is still here and there are three other curators – +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson and +Eustace James. We do the best we can and if life outside of G+ takes precedence…. Well that's what happens. Sheesh.

  • No, I get it completely +Tamara Pruessner but I have watched the themes for a long time and seen which ones no longer have shares to the page by the moderators and where the moderators are not commenting. At the moment the text just says that the theme is not actively curated but if the image is tagged to the page it appears to a limited audience only. 
    I know how it works. I curate the Farm Friday page myself, with one other. It's hard work, I know.

  • +Ellie Kennard Floral Friday is still a very active theme here on G+.  I curate a couple of themes in addition to the Floral Friday with +Tamara Pruessner Eustace and Kiki, and honestly, I do not feel that theme pages are important at this point.  People would rarely post to them anyway. The best way to get your post seen is to use the hashtag & mention the curators.  I always at least plus every Floral Friday mention I see and make sure to make some comments each week, and frequently plus post in the Floral Friday Community that has more activity than the page even on days other than Fridays. I do not plus or comment on Floral Friday posts outside of the Thursday to Saturday night period.  I admit that do not comment on a lot of them due to the sheer number of posts, but I always do some each week and do try to switch up on the individuals post that I comment on each week.  It has to do with the number of notifications I get if I do a lot of comments.  I work full-time, and have other responsibilities. However, I always make a point to curate Floral Friday each week.  Personally, other than for businesses I see no reason to even have pages here anymore.  I appreciate your hard work on your theme, and just putting my two cents in on Floral Friday. 

  • Okay +Beth Akerman I will leave the page mentioned on the calendar theme pages. I know that some people love communities but I find that they are restrictive as no one can comment unless they belong. I will leave the theme listed thus: " if the # is used you might get a comment from one of the curators. No posts are shared to the page." I find a lot of people use the theme pages and had to get rid of the Farm Friday community as it seemed to attract so many spammers.
    Thanks for speaking up. It can't be shared as an actively moderated theme unless the moderators will be resharing at least some posts to the page and commenting regularly. I do understand, however.
    If, though, you and the others also feel that there is little need for themes any more, then perhaps it would be time to let me know and I will delete it from the calendar listings altogether.
    Just as a tip, when I comment as Farm Friday moderator I have to mute the post at once. That saves me being swamped with notifications myself.

  • +Ellie Kennard Thanks for leaving the theme up.  Agree that Communities can get very spammy, but some people really like them.  Pages to me just never really caught on, and ended up be more work than they are worth, at least in my opinion.  I think themes are still great and many people love them. I contribute to at least 5 each week and more if I shoot something that fits them.  I also mute posts after awhile (some people like to thank people for comments, and I try to acknowledge the thanks you with a plus, so I wait a bit to mute) but sometimes I am curating on the road from the iPhone and it can be a pain to do from that.  

  • +Ellie Kennard I really don't appreciate being chastised on a public post that is about a contest on a completely different subject. This isn't the first time you have done so. This will be the last time though.

    Floral Friday has either very rarely, in the VERY beginning of pages being created, or never directly shared individual posts on that page. What I have done is curate a list of posts and people and shared that type of posting.

    Just because Floral Friday isn't curated in the exact way YOU want it done does NOT mean it isn't actively curated. I don't appreciate myself or my fellow curators being attacked on this post for not doing things your way. In the future, if you want to discuss this, we can do so privately.

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