Ok, I am resharing this and sharing directly – so some of you might actually get this twice.  If you do, I am sorry (it just means that I doubly love you and you're in more than one circle… LOL!)

Anyways… today is the last day to enter a contest for one of my prints, an 11×14 print.  Please check out the Instagram post and join in!  I would love for everyone to get the opportunity to win a print.  If this first contest goes well, I will do another one…only hosted here on G+ (that way my G+ friends who don't want to mess with Instagram, get a chance too!)

Hope to see you there!!!


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Did I get your attention??  I hope so!! (I am also notifying people because, dangit, G+ seems to have me on some sort of blacklist.. guess I should stop by here more.)

I am running a contest for a free 11×14 print of mine (winner's choice!).  Here is the link for it:

It is over at Instagram and you do need to be a member over there.  Please check it out!  Would love to see you there!!


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  • I don't use Instagram..  🙁    Bummed.

  • Very nice.

  • +Dawn Carl, if this contest goes well (and it seems like it has), then probably next week, I will host one here on G+.  I understand completely that some people don't like certain social networks or just don't use them.  (That's me and Facebook… LOL!)

    Thanks, +dean huggins!

  • amazing color and light!!!

  • Amazing

  • Did you ever host a contest on G+ +Tamara Pruessner​? I don't see anything posted by you on G+ since this.

  • nice

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