Tamara Pruessner


When I was attending TTU, I needed to take a film black and white photography class at South Plains, in Levelland, Texas.  From the moment my father-in-law allowed me to borrow his old, completely manual, Minolta, I fell in love with the art.

In 2002, for about a year or so, I worked in a studio setting.  In my photography class, I learned the rule of thirds and how to compose a picture to make it speak to the looker.  However, in the studio, all of my studies were thrown out of the window.

I am currently taking pictures of nature and objects while working my way back into the portrait business.




I am an on-location photographer.  This means that I do not have a studio and that we can do your session anywhere – a park, your home, downtown or any special location.  I will bring my photography equipment to you.

In order to customize your photography session, I will spend some time with your family prior to your session.  This is gives me the opportunity to find out your photographic needs and allows you to let me know any ideas you have about your session.